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Social media has evolved from a space for personal interaction into a vibrant marketing channel for businesses of all sizes – in fact, it’s become a requisite for most business in order to compete in the modern marketplace.


1. Increased Brand Awareness

The first key benefit of social media for business is the ability to generate organic brand awareness.

A major component of building credibility comes from creating brand identity. Social media enables businesses to share their brand messaging across various platforms and create a consistent and unified look, feel, and voice. This consistency is the foundation for a reputable brand and business. By using the same logo, brand colors, bio descriptions, and links to your business website, you create an authentic online presence.


2. Improved customer service

Since social media is all about interaction (i.e. being ‘social’), it’s a natural place to surprise and delight your potential and existing customers. Social media profiles enable businesses to communicate with their followers.

When followers comment or pose questions and a brand responds in a timely and knowledgeable way, it conveys the business’s dedication to customer satisfaction and experience. This kind of engagement goes a long way in fostering loyalty and solidifying a positive impression in your followers’ minds. When customer service is done right, it has the potential to generate significant attention. Spreading positive messages is always a win for small business, and honing your customer service on social media is one tried and true way to facilitate just that.

3. Low-cost way to acquire leads

Small businesses are always looking for low-cost marketing efforts, and social media fits the bill.

As noted, social platforms are free and plenty of brands have grown exponentially through organic social media marketing.

By investing some time into understanding your target audience and tailoring your posts, aesthetic, and even platform presence, a business can quickly grow its following and create a captive audience.  You can highlight your own unique selling proposition to distinguish your brand from the competition.

Once you’ve honed your social media branding, your follower base will grow and be full of potential customers.

4. Increase website traffic and search ranking

Another benefit of social media for business is its direct impact on website traffic and search ranking. On most social media profiles, businesses can list their website URLs, so a visitor needs to look no further than above the fold to find a website link.

When driving more traffic to your website or blog, the increased activity help search engines discern that your website is reputable and should rank for specific keywords. As we know, Google’s algorithm is continually evolving to weed out spam websites and appropriately rank websites that are legitimate. By incorporating social media into your marketing strategy, you can positively influence your search ranking without being a search engine optimization guru.

For a small business, leveraging the power of social media is a good investment. There’s tremendous upside that can translate to brand awareness (and sales) for businesses of all sizes. Every business can benefit from free marketing, so give social media a try today.

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