SEO (Search engine optimization) is a must have for all small businesses to survive the growing competition. In the era where everyone wants their business on the top, SEO is chance to make this happen for real. Let’s walk through 7 SEO tools that can help you elevate your small business.

     1. Google

It is a well known fact that Google offers numerous SEO tools for small businesses:

Google Adwords- Find the right keywords to use on search volume.

Google Webmaster Tools- Get access to detailed reports, website data and other important reports to improve your website in Google Search results.

Google Analytics- Tracking how keywords are driving traffic to your website. This helps in the decision making process while planning new strategies to increase the traffic.

Google Trends- Discover what’s currently trending on Google Search and explore trend histories.

      2. Rank sense

SEO with 24/7 monitoring, automatic detection of issues and real-time suggestions like meta descriptions and call to action. This service can optimize thousands of pages per day with monitoring tracking changes. Rank Sense is best for online store or big websites.

      3. Screaming frog SEO Spider tool

This tool is a website crawler that can quickly audit all your web pages. It aims to identify what can disrupt your website’s SEO. Broken links, server errors, duplicate content and broken URLs are the main issues that work against a SEO friendly site.

      4. Quick sprout

Quick sprout offers DIY solutions to help improve your company’s SEO across different online platforms. To make this possible you just need to enter your website’s URL and Quick sprout will perform a detailed analysis to perform to get your SEO up to the speed.

      5. Moz Pro

SEO supports everything from your website to Social Media accounts, but this doesn’t mean you need to log in to multiple platforms. It includes more than a dozen research and reporting tools to improve SEO, such as Moz Analytics.

     6. WooRank

This is a very useful tool which helps in finding strength and weaknesses for free. This website review cum SEO tool offers in-depth analysis of your website. It also lets you monitor analytics, backlinks, search engine rankings and other key factors.

      7. HootSuite

SEO applies to websites and social media that play a significant role as well. A social media management dashboard like HootSuite can be your go to SEO tool to track mentions of your brand and social media traffic. This can help one in creating highly quality content and social media posts that can drive traffic.

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