Social media is a great way to make your brand social faster than any other medium. Since it’s free and open to everyone, getting in touch with your potential customers won’t be an issue. This can be a great experience if you build your brand’s social media presence right from the beginning stages of your start-up.

Spreading the word is inevitable

This is very important for start-ups as they are stepping into emerging markets. If you have a high quality product or service, you will need breakthrough marketing strategies to make it survive in the midst of stiff competition. So spreading the word should be your goal when you begin.

Turning your friends into fans

In the era of smart phones and social media it is very easy to get your contacts connected to your business. Get them excited about your business and ask them to share everything about that your target audience need to know. Pay attention to your friends or coworkers who take interest in your brand and are willing to contribute their bit in any way possible. Every bit matters!

Content sharing

Content is the backbone of your social media marketing and there’s no escape from appealing content that will support your business seamlessly. Make it a crucial part of your marketing journey and earn more loyal customers. This will be always a learning experience for you, while you team up with creative content producers who can spread the word and cross-promote.

Customer service

Providing a customer care service won’t cost you a dime if you have a dedicated team to support. Apart from this, Twitter Direct Message for customer service is a blessing to thriving start-ups. Insist your team mates to respond to customers when they have a query or need to get anything fixed.


Your E-Commerce site will be successful if your potential customers can find your website. So make sure they notice your posts and updates.


Your startup needs a well trained social media manager who has prior experience in handing different brands from diverse industry. This can be a necessity when there will be problems arising on any of the social media platforms in which you plan to market your brand.

Take a moment

Once your brand posts are online, it loses control over the content and you will soon find your customers discussing about it. So make sure it is perfect in terms of grammar and subject matter.

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