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Redesign of a Restaurant

Redesign of a Restaurant

Our company is specialized in all fields of interior design and decoration, and in space in high interior decoration. We can offer advice on any idea you have, whether it is a new project or reform, offering services in a partial or global way.

Redesign of a Restaurant

Consumer trends vary and the customer not only looks for a good product and service. Seek to feel, to experience; and to achieve that valuable and personal experience in the client, is fundamental in the design of the premises.

For this, Branding and brand strategy come into play. A functional, attractive, coherent and identifiable space with the brand boosts the profitability of the business and the return on investment in the implementation of the business.

Our mission as interior designers of high decoration is to advise you on interior finishes, custom furniture for your space, interior lighting, distribution and good organization of space, fabrics and upholstery, in short all the equipment that your interior space requires.

Client: M. R.
Category: Interior Design
Fecha : Jannuary, 2018
Objetivo: Redesign to differentiate, attract nw customers, create new ambient


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