Project Description

The Coffee Shop, established 30 years ago in a small city, experience an incredible reconstruction in design and costs.

Customer: Carl Reinhard
Category: Investment & Redesign
Date : 24 July, 2017
 Objective: Increase Sale

Lower costs

 Result: 40% more sales

35% reduction in cost

The Coffee Bistro come to us initially for Consultation about new ways to reach more customers, as their profits were low and the costs too high.

We studies their current situation, analysed the market potential, studied competition and revised their current costs, including retail prices,  employee costs, taxes and other variable costs.

Since the interior design, logo and style hasn’t been updated in the last 10 years, we recommended to completely renovate the interior of the shop, redesign the logo, create a website for Local SEO purposes and establish a social media strategy.

  • Sale increased to 40% in the first Month
  • New Customers, more sales
  • Costs reduced by 35% trough correct cost allocation, and choosing cost effective suppliers.