Project Description

Business Expansion of a company in South America into the US.

Although the small business sector as a whole is achieving phenomenal growth, an important concern in the field has been identifying the problems, challenges, and success characteristics associated with the prudent growth of individual firms. A strategy utilized by many small firms to achieve their growth objectives is one of geographic expansion.

Customer : Juan Amsta
Category : Financial & Growth
Date : 04 September, 2017
Status : In Process
Business: Telecommunication
Tags : Visa, Expansion

Our client was looking for strategic advice in understanding permissible activities in USA under the business visitor status. Due to the unique nature of the work undertaken by the client we were asked to provide advice for making the Original Business form Venezuela a US Ententiy. Financial & Image Reasons were behind the expansion growth needs.

We supported the client in understanding their employee activities, putting a system in place to monitor and track them to manage compliance and assist with the correct permissions to enable their staff to work in USA. We customized a Business Plan, set up all the permission for the legal set up in the USA and ensured all the paper for the VISA were ready.


  • Business was created in the USA
  • Permanent Residency was approved
  • Financial investment was achieved;
  • Company started operating successfully