Our experts give you best advice for investment

We are here to guide you and make this possible option for you. Let us know what your goals and requirements for the expansion of your company to the United States and we’ll guide you on the best ways to accomplish this expansion.

The American market is very competitive and difficult to penetrate, but with the advice of our team of experts, this path can and will be less complicated for you.

Business Development

Growth and expansion are key goals for most business owners and entrepreneurs.

We support you in the following:

  1. Search for adequate physical location
  2. Demographic Analysis
  3. Establish the Target market and desired goals.
  4. Provide guidance in the registration of the names of company and its products in the U.S.
  5. Provide guidance for the development of corporate and promotional material. (English or Spanish)
  6. Assist in the development of a strategic plan depending on marketing and sales projections.
  7. Procedures for obtaining operating licenses and permits required by local and state entities.

Incorporation of the Company in United States

TopMarCon works closely with renowned corporate Lawyers and only certified individuals in order to identify the ideal incorporation entry into the United States but all depending on the client’s investment, tax set-up, and immigration schemes. The most common ways to incorporate entities are through: LLC, Corporation, Company, Ltd.

Investment in Real Estate

One of the most sought out areas by investors, is that of Real Estate. We can help guide your investment in the best path that will result in maximizing your profit in the quickest time possible.


The Benefits of Real Estate Investment:

  1. Steady Income – investment in real estate for the steady flow of cash,  in the form of rental income
  2. Long Term Financial Security – property’s value may increase
  3. Tax Benefits – tax exemptions from owning a rental property
  4. Inflation – hedge against inflation
  5. Visa – Obtain Greencard if investment amount is sufficient

Benefit of Expansion & Investment

Deciding whether to invest in business expansion is a common and important strategic business decision companies face periodically. Expanding your business means paying for more space, people and inventory  but it also means potential for increased revenue and profits.

  • New Customers
  • More Revenue/ Profit potential
  • Relocation possibility
  • Favorable Financing Opportunities

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