Social media is evolving faster and entrepreneurs need to gear up for the upcoming trends. This will elevate their business by staying close to billions of people who use social media. Today around 2.8 billion people use social media and it has become easier to reach target audience through online platforms. Social media is popularizing due to its innovative trends and features that make sharing information more feasible than any other marketing mediums.

Hyper-Personalization exists

Social media firms like Facebook create hyper-personalized products which enable the user to simply “unfollow” people and organizations that share purposeless information. For entrepreneurs, Facebook’s targeted advertisements are going to become more powerful.

A demand for less censorship and even more freedom

Social media has empowered individuals by making all kinds of information accessible and platforms to share their ideas. Even if you don’t wish to create a blog, you can simply develop an audience by posting current information. All you need to do is click on the ‘share’ option. Unfortunately, many countries like Bangladesh, China, Egypt have actively censored social media platforms as they don’t give the freedom to share.

Blockchain may hold the secret of unleashing social media

It is not just about bypassing government censorship; even Facebook has been claimed that it censors conservative news. Social media giants make millions of dollars on the content we provide them. And as writers or publishers we aren’t earning anything. The plan of taking social media to the blockchain is surely an exciting concept that we are looking forward to experience.

Videos will be more valuable in coming years

There have been tremendous improvements to global bandwidth and data speeds. This has encouraged fast streaming of videos with higher engagement rates.

The lines between YouTube and Facebook will continue to fade away. As long as the viewer doesn’t have to search too hard to find, videos will be an asset to businesses. A block chain social media platform

This is an amazing startup which is trying to revolutionize social media to create extraordinary content. Users who are willing to maximize their social influence can leverage this platform which is based on blockchain technology.  Users who are capable of creating compelling content can be financially rewarded for their efforts. This can also bring more opportunities to market, especially in countries that censor internet traffic, and also numerous revenue making ideas can be expected in near future.

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