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Video marketing is the most effective strategy for a company to adopt to run a successful marketing campaign online. Videos add a competitive edge over the rest to your brand and connect your product to the customer at a more visceral level. It adds life to the content that you create and gives the potential customer more information and clues even at a sub conscious level. We can think of it as a replacement for a door to door marketing campaign carried out by sales representatives.

Being on the verge of the beginning of year 2018, it is important to realize that even though video marketing is the gold standard to succeed, it is becoming saturated day by day. That is to say, a large bulk of videos are uploaded and promoted online on a daily basis. So, to beat this competition and to sail above the rest, a company should put their heart and soul into deploying the latest and the most effective video marketing strategies.

A few effective strategies to consider in this regard would be; “Video first” meaning consuming and producing videos at the same time (e.g. Facebook Live), Live videos and streaming (e.g. YouTube live), vertical or square shaped video creation, e-learning or training videos related to products, mobile videos and social media integration, 360 videos, and using paid and sponsored videos. YouTube plays a major role in this context and they have a wealth of ever expanding resources to help you out in your quest for a conversion savvy video marketing strategy.

While using all or a few of these strategies can give you results, authenticity of your brand and video content plays the most important role in the long run. So, it is vital that you create original videos that are rich in content and quality. Nothing makes a lasting impression on a consumer’s mind than a high-quality video that is unique to your brand.

Video marketing remains the most effective mode of marketing that engages the consumers and ultimately bring about conversions. It will be the same for quite some time before artificial intelligence takes it on. So, winning in video marketing will mean winning in marketing for your company. Gear yourself up with the above-mentioned tips and techniques to face the year 2018 with confidence!

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